I just got back from a few hours on the show floor at GNY dental meeting and wanted to share a few numbers with you:

50,000             700                  50                    3                      0

Impressive I know!

There were  >50,000 registered attendees, >700 exhibitors, >50 furniture / interior build out firms, a whopping 3 IT technology / services firms, and a very upsetting ZERO HIPAA specialists.

The beautiful reception area will no doubt make a great first impression on your patients, but leaving all their personally identifiable information (PII) and personal healthcare info (PHI) exposed for hackers will leave a very long lasting impression you do not want to have to repair.

You would never think of skimping on your malpractice insurance, but not getting your regulatory and information security affairs in order is a recipe for disaster.

Just like there are dental specialties; regulatory compliance and information security is the specialties of the IT world.  Your local IT vendor is a network provider, but they likely lack the years of specialized training, continuing education and volume of work to do the best job possible in the area of Compliance and Information Security prtoection.  DGP isn’t looking to replace your local IT professional, we simply want to be your HIPAA and information security specialists.

Data Guardian Pros is a HIPAA and information security specialist team.  We offer the first in the industry comprehensive information security and privacy compliance solution, tailored to the unique demands of the dental profession.  Our team members have applied decades of experience addressing complex information security and privacy compliance issues at large public and private organizations and government agencies, to create Dental Guardian. DGP has also tapped dental professionals and thought leaders to create Dental Guardian, which employs a workflow oriented approach tailored for dental practices that is designed to fully address HIPAA/HITECH and state law requirements. By employing Dental Guardian managed security services and compliance tools your dental practice will not only protect the dental health information of your patients, but will also protect your practice, your brand and your professional reputation.

To learn more about how painless we can make achieving compliance, give us a call at 1-888-732-2897


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