To All our Dental Friends                                                                                                                                                                                                                  May 16, 2017

You may have awoken last Saturday to hear the news about the “largest cyber-attack ever”, hospitals unable to process patients and NSA cyber weapons turned against us.

If you are are our clients, please do not worry. If you are not yet clients, please pay attention…and, keep reading!

As we all continue to be aware and vigilant against hacker threats, with the use of DGP there is no imminent risk to your clients’ business. This particular ransomware attack is spreading through a Microsoft vulnerability called “EternalBlue”, for which Microsoft released a patch in March. Since that time DGP has pushed out three different updates to help ensure that the on-site security appliance we use for our clients is protected, and is testing this weekend we confirmed our ability to block the ransomware attack.

Our recommendations are: if you have clients that are not our clients, please alert them to the following best practices:

  • Make sure that they have applied the latest Microsoft security updates to all their systems.
  • Ensure that they have a good backup for their practice management systems and any other important data, and that it has been tested and verified to be not corrupted.
  • Tell them to always be very aware and hesitant to open email attachments from people or companies they do not recognize.

These recommendations apply today and everyday…good security hygiene is now more that ever a required best practice.

At Data Guardian Pros, we are here to help protect your clients and let you sleep at night knowing you have a partner that is keeping your clients’ information safe and HIPAA Compliant.

Your Data Guardian Pros Team

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